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Title: Analyze and Produce Report on Firm’s Evaluation and Performance.
Select and obtain the latest annual report of any TWO (2) companies (within the same industry) listed in Bursa Malaysia.
(2) Based on the financial statements from the annual reports (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement), calculate the key financial ratios (Liquidity, Activity, Debt, Profitability, and Market Value) to evaluate how well the firms are performing. (Show your calculation process). (40 marks)
(3) Compare and contrast the financial performance between the two companies. (25 marks)
Important Note: Attach the annual reports in the appendices.
Warning: Any reports using institutional or retail client advice (i.e broker reports, internet broker reports, etc) will be given a zero.
Format: whole content not exceed 10 pages (including introduction and conclusion), double spacing, font 12, all side margins 1.5cm

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