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Date - 8th May evening 6 PM
For this one, we need to help with: Professional Portfolio.
The previous reflective report: Attached.
Placement Experience:
1. Placement Company:
2. Department:
International Cooperation Department
3. Experience:
Internship in the Foreign Cooperation Department of China Fortune Media Group for one month. China Wealth Media
Group belongs to Xinhua News Agency, formerly the China Securities Journal. As an assistant in the Foreign
Cooperation Department, he participated in the preparation of various activities.
Usually the main work: collect a variety of basic information, as a basis for preparation of various activities or road
shows, and need their own summary, which also requires the use of OFFICE software. ONLINE RESEARCH Screening and organization of data.
Translate various data and emails
Use HTML5 to create promotional texts and promotions. There is also a need to use PHOTOSHOP software to produce
4. Reflection:
Accumulated experience - Know how an activity needs to be prepared, teamwork, communication, and various preliminary
preparations, how can it be better to advertise an event, exercise communication skills, understand the more popular and
up-to-date technology , such as our promotion of an AI lecture.
Because there is a great deal of connection between DIGITAL MEDIA and SOCIAL MEDIA, we also use related knowledge during
the internship, use various SOCIAL MEDIA to promote our activities, and write publicity articles for the public number.
The weekly regular meetings also require the writing of regular meetings, so they know how to summarize and screen the
important information in the meeting and record it.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1035 words including References

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