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Individual assignment 2
Project management PLAN
60 Marks
The purpose of this assignment is to:
? Demonstrate your ability to critically examine impacts of project management (PMgt) practice/methodologies and techniques on modern, complex projects in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry
? Evaluate PMgt practice/methodologies and various PMgt techniques, and recommend feasible techniques applicable to complex construction projects
The following assumption applies to this assignment;
You are required to assume that you have been appointed the Project Manager [PMgr] in charge of a project team working on construction of a shed at 94 Western Beach Road in Geelong, Victoria 3220, [94WBR-shed project]. The scope of this project includes some minor demolition works in the backyard and construction of a large shed on the property. Design documentation (standard 2D and the BIM model) and basic project information are provided in the unit’s CloudDeakin site [94WBR-shed project folder].
The unit academic team (your client) assumes that in your professional career, you have been involved in numerous projects, and the projects were successfully delivered; ei., to expectations of all stakeholders, to client’s specified quality, within specified environmental constraints of the project including meeting safety standards and efficient use of resources, etc. The unit academic team (your client) also assumes that you are continuously reflecting on your professional career and document lessons learnt from your past projects and as such apply them together with your relevant expertise/attributes in planning of the 94WBR-shed project.
Based on the above assumptions your task is to develop a project management PLAN for the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong, which must:
1. Provide very brief definition of the 94WBR-shed project
2. Provide detailed scope/deliverables of 94WBR-shed project
3. Propose project management practice/methodology for effective management of the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong (what style of management/ what project manager are you going to be on this particular project)
4. Propose appropriate project management techniques/tools that you want your team to use on this project. The tools need to address all ten (10) core PMBOK areas and be justified. 5. Show briefly how scope, risk, communication and procurement will be managed
6. Show in details management of integration, stakeholders, HR, safety, quality, time and cost of the 94WBR-shed project in Geelong
Assignment rubric for is available in the relevant assessment dropbox in the DeakinCloud.
• Format of the submission is professional project management PLAN. The plan is to be submitted as a single Microsoft Project 2016 .mpp file with notes only.
• Suggested word count of the plan including notes is 2,500 words.
Submission is by Friday, 25 May 2018, via dropbox in CloudDeakin.
Generic feedback on this assignment will be provided by Tuesday, 12 June 2018 via BlackboardCollaborate (BbC).
SRM752 Advanced Project Management
School of Architecture and Built Environment
Trimester 1 - 2018
Unit Chair: Adam Krezel
Teaching Staff: Adam Krezel
1. This document is to be read in conjunction with the Unit Guide for this unit. The Unit Guide provides detailed procedures and requirements for issues such as late submission and special consideration for assessment.
2. It is the responsibility of each student to confirm submission requirements including dates, time, format and procedures.
3. This unit has two assignments. You should accomplish Assignment 2 individually.
4. According to the University’s regulations, late submission of an assignment will incur a five per cent (5%) reduction of the available mark for each day, up to five (5) days, after the due date. Assignments submitted after five days will not be marked.
5. Extension or special consideration may be considered for late submission. Please refer to relevant university regulations for detailed procedure.
6. All assignments must be submitted electronically through CloudDeakin. Assignments submitted in any other way will not be marked.
7. You may refer to publications, but you must write in your own “language” and cite the references using the Author-Date (Harvard) system. It is essential for you to fully understand what you write and to be able to provide further explanations if you are requested to do so later on. The library provides workshops and advice on citations and referencing.
8. If you are not clear about the requirements of the assignments, please seek your lecturer/tutor’s help as soon as possible.
9. The University regards plagiarism as an extremely serious academic offence.
10. Before starting your assignment, please read the University document, Study Skills at
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