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MN 3052: Industrial Management and Marketing
Group Assignment
ABC Company Pvt. Ltd is a renowned leader in manufacturing phone accessories. Recently it was involved in designing a new portable charger. The key distinguished features of the new product are;
- Using solar power as the energy source
- Compatible with any Android phone
- Can also be charged using any other energy source (hybrid)
Concept of the product has already been developed, and has been approved by the company management, the European Standardization Body CEN-CENELEC and International Electrotechnical Commission. The company is now ready to develop the product and release it to the market.
You have been appointed to the team to lead the project of developing and marketing the product to the market. (Converting the product concept to the physical product)
Prepare a report on how you, as a team, plan to manage the project to become successful, using the theories and concepts in the four aspects; management, technology, human resource and marketing.
1. Product Development and Marketing are the two key parts of the project
2. Incorporate the relevant concepts and theories of Management, Technology, Human Resource and Marketing
3. Structure of the report should be as follows;
i. Executive summary – Summary of the report. ii. Introduction; background of the company, introduction to the new product and its features, rationale of the need, benefits can be gained by both customer and the company, market analysis
iii. Project plan; goal/s and objective/s and their relationship to the overall business strategy, processes, schedule and the duration of the project
iv. Requirements in terms of Management, Technology, Human Resource and Marketing; resources required and methods of acquiring them.
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