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first of all i want to thank you for your previous support on my assignments, but i am sending this email inquiring about a full set of CDR i need to send to Engineers of Australia
1-continuing professional development CPD attached certificates you may add few according to your experience,
2- three career episodes , one career episode draft is attached another two from project reports attached as junior highway design engineer.
3- summary statement for professional engineers.
, heres few highlights you should base on your work:
personal details:
1-I am Civil engineer working in AbuDhabi UAE
2- I used to work in the field of construction/contracting company as a site engineer and now i am working as junior highway design engineering consultancy company.
for cdrs
-occuptional category: professional engineer
- please follow the latest MSA booklet from EA
- word counts
-plagiarism free with similarity report for me to be sure
i will attache two design reports
method statements reports of construction project might be useful for you
my cv last position as junior highway design engineer not updated in the cv heres the update

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 6382 words

Title: CPD for my Training and Education

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