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MGMT 5009 Industrial Relations Mediation and
Assessment One — Individual Research Essay —
25% - 2,000 words (+ or - 10%)
Due 5.00pm FRIDAY week 4 via Turnitin.
Changes in legislation through the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and previously through WorkChoices have enabled Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches to have a major impact on the way in which employees and organisations perceive and manage conflict and disputes. You are required to write an essay and explain and discuss;
1. Describe the rights of the employer and employee in an historical sense re Work-Place rights in Australia
(approx. 1930's — 1980's). (about 200 words)
2. The changes to work-place relations in Australia since the implementation of the Workplace Relations Act 1996.
3. The growth and nature of ADR practices in workplace relations beginning with the introduction of Work Choices Act 2005 to present day.
4. The impact of ADR approaches over the same period focusing on any political, managerial or economic factors.
5. The extent to which you think ADR approaches have changed focus to resolving individual rather than collective employment grievances and disputes.
Please use your Rubric to guide you.
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