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Assessment Criteria – Kaplan Global Diploma - ITM : Individual Assignment
Weightage : 100% (100marks)
Submission Deadline : Last session.
Word Limit : 2000 words (+/- 10%)
Assignment Requirements
Choose any company (MNC or SME) of your choice from any country. Students are encouraged to choose company based on their specialisation of study. Write a management report based on details shown in the table below.
S/N Description Words
01 Introduction of the company, the nature of its business & any other relevant facts. 100
02 Formulate a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of the chosen company. 200
03 Explain one ethics approach and explain how the chosen company can make ethical decision-making on the chosen approach. 100
04 Explain one CSR approach and explain how the chosen company can use the chosen approach to manage their stakeholder/s. 100
05 Explain how the chosen company can instil the 4 key elements to a Plan Note: You need to relate the theories & concepts covered in class and relate these to the chosen company. 400
06 Explain one aspect of a company culture and explain how the chosen company can create a strong culture based on the chosen aspect. 100
07 Explain how the chosen company may achieve unity of command, centralization vs decentralization, span of control and formalization. Choose and explain the most appropriate organization structure for the chosen organization. Justify the strategy factors in choice of structure. 400
08 Explain one traditional or contemporary leadership theory and one motivation theory for the chosen organization to lead and motivate its employees. 400
09 Recommendations as the company progresses in the next 5 years. 100
10 General conclusion of the analysis and the company. 100
Total no. of words 2000
You are required to consult and fully reference a MINIMUM of 10 references from any sources (e.g., book; www; journal article, magazine; newspaper etc). The use of WIKIPEDIA online encyclopaedia, etc. is NOT allowed. You must use the APA Referencing System to acknowledge your sources of information (both in-text, and as a reference list).
--- End of Assignment ---