Recent Question/Assignment

Major Project Question: Assuming that you have been recently appointed as the Employment Relations Manager of your country’s Ministry for Labour and Employment Relations. You are tasked to write a non-biased report to your line Minister and your Permanent Secretary. This is in response to some of the changes that are taking place in your countries employment relations. In particular, the emerging features of Strategic choice and globalization theories of employment relations system. In an essay form and in your own words, evaluate the changes that are taking place in your country’s employment relations system. What are their advantages, disadvantages and some of the major challenges that the three main actors are facing in the countries changing environment? What are some of your recommendation(s), and expectations on the way forward regarding the management of employment relations in your country? Feel free to use other literatures to support your arguments and also provide relevant example(s) to justify your argument(s)’. The details of the requirement of this assignment will be provided in the Tutorial Outline and through Moodle. This project seeks to test students understanding and ability to apply theory to practice. The write up must not exceed 9 pages, excluding bibliography page of fond size 12 Times New Roman with 1.0 spacing in proper citations and referencing style. We will not accept and mark assignments that are beyond the limit. This means that too less or too much may be problematic to you. Also note that all borrowed ideas must be cited in the body of your project and that must correspond with your reference or bibliography. This is an academic paper and therefore must be properly referenced (in-text & listed) with minimum of 5 resources – books and or journal articles only. Make sure to check your sentencing structure, spelling and grammar.