Recent Question/Assignment

Singapore airlines appears at two points within the textbook. We have case example 5.2 which is on page 121. We also have case example 17.3 which is on page 442. There is little bit on the airline on page 168 and 372 too. Additionally, you can read some of the excellent articles by Loizos Heracleous and Jochen Wirtz in Harvard Business Review.
Read the information on the airline as described above, and also carry out some independent research if you wish. For example there are plenty of videos on Singapore airlines available online.
Look at Singapore airlines from four perspectives:
• Service concept and design
• Systems and processes
• Service people/staff
• Service culture
Under the headings of 'systems', 'culture', 'staff' and 'the service concept', tell me what you observe takes place in Singapore airlines that contributes to the overall judgement of service excellence.