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Human Resource Mgmt group project:
Choose any industry: automotive
Select any three organizations in that industry on which the project report would be based:
Choice of organizations US based:
1. Toyota
2. GM and
3. Volkswagen
The modules of the course are:
1. Labor relations
2. Analysing work and designing jobs
3. Managing human resources globally
• A. Elaborate on the HRM initiatives/programs of the three organizations chosen, with a focus on each of the three modules of the course. You must substantiate this section with real examples of the organizations.
For e.g. if a group chooses the Restaurants industry with Pizza Hut., Burger King and McDonald's as the organizations, and total rewards, training, learning and development, and labour relations as the three modules, then HRM initiatives/programs for each restaurant i.e. Pizza Hut., Burger King and McDonald's w.r.t. each of the three modules must be discussed with organization-specific examples.
B. Create an opinion survey that the organizations in the groups’ chosen industry could use to gauge employee perceptions regarding diversity, inclusion and overall work environment. The survey must contain at least 20 questions (Likert 5-point scale). Be sure to keep the industry context in mind while designing the opinion survey. The survey just needs to be created, not administered.
C. Study the social media platforms of the chosen organizations (same as those selected for part A) for their HR related communication with employees/potential candidates (could be related to any of the learning module(s) for the whole course) and report your observations/broad recommendations for these organizations.
An informed choice of industry, organizations and course modules to be covered for the project would be crucial for success in this group project. Brainstorm together as a group to identify organizations that have a well-defined HR strategy (this would be crucial for both A & C).
E-resources in the library could be of great use here. In addition to website of the chosen organizations, blogs and magazines such as HR reporter, practitioner sources like Harvard Business Review, T+D and HR Magazine are available in the Business Source Complete online collection.
The final report must be 1000- 1250 words (word count excludes references and annexures), double spaced, in Arial 12 pt.
As you write your report be sure to provide relevant justifications. It must be well-organized and should cater to all the three deliverables (A, B and C). The report could be organized under the following heads:
• Introduction (This section would cover a brief introduction to the industry, organizations and the course modules that have been chosen to elaborate on with relevant justifications).
• HRM initiatives/programs of the organizations chosen
• Opinion Survey
• Results of study on social media platforms
• Conclusion - This section presents a conclusion to the report along with broad observations and recommendations.
• References – This section will provide the references of all research papers/web-based resources used. Do try to incorporate latest research and please follow APA format for writing references. In-text citations also need to be provided. In case of use of a website, please provide the complete URL along with the date accessed.
• Annexure – A self-reflection and group-evaluation of the research work needs to be included too. The annexure must provide detailed:
• Self-reflection – each member explains their individual contribution

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