Recent Question/Assignment

Students are required to submit their coursework through Canvas. Only assessments submitted
through Canvas will be marked. Any other submission including submission to your study centre in
hard copy will be treated as a non-submission.
If your centre supports Turnitin©, a copy of your Turnitin© originality report must be submitted in
conjunction with your assignment.
Assessment: Individual case study 100% assessing all learning outcomes.
The word limit of this assignment is 3,500 words.
Assessment title: Study and explore the way to maximize the use of artificial intelligent, social media and/or mobile
technologies within the tourism, hospitality, and events context in stimulating the visitor economy
or developing the services. Using the case study of a Destination create a digital communication
strategy for the year of 2022 with the objective of social media engagement.
Assessment guidance: Your chosen case study is a Destination for the period of April 2022. Evaluate
their current online, social media, mobile technology or artificial intelligent applications and strategy.
Investigate the opportunities for Instagram and Facebook or any other social media to create a digital
communication strategy of the period.
The main parts of the assignment are the literature review and the digital communication strategy.
The literature review should evaluate the current theories and studies on social media, mobile or
artificial intelligent technologies in the destination context. The new strategy should outline the
detailed overview of your social media, mobile or artificial intelligent engagement, including example
Ensure you use academic references within your literature review, and that you add a copy of your
collected data in the appendix.
Suggested structure: Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, literature review, case study,
discussion & conclusion, references, appendices