Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment Question One is worth 50% (word limit o 3000 words):
You have been asked to advise an International listed company within the textbook publishing industry on how to improve shareholders wealth by considering the relevant concepts of financial management related to a new product investment proposal. You will prepare an investment proposal for 6 years for the new product line using one of the discounted cash flow techniques as well as one traditional technique. Marks will be awarded for originality of approach, relevant quotations and references from financial management theorists and all relevant supporting business research documentation.
Within your report include a critical response to the following:
• Why is the investment appraisal process so important?
• The concept of relevance applicable to the determination of the projects cash flows stating all assumptions made.
• What are the criticisms of the methods used in the investment appraisal process?
• A critical review of the logic behind the decision making process.
Assessment Presentation Requirements:
• Each student is required to provide documentation within a stipulated word limit of 3000 words for each assignment.
• The content of the documentation produced by each student is required to be within the maximum word lengths (in brackets) and to cover the specific categories listed.
1. Provide an executive summary of their personal and individual research and work undertaken for the topic set. It is required in the form of an Executive Report standard format. (15 marks)
2. Indicate and identify the key areas of research and sources which the student has had to identify and undertake and their key sources of research/references/literature search sources related to the topic set (correctly referenced as an appendix). (20 marks)
3. A summary of key theoretical positions from the evidence identified by the individual student related to the topic set. (20 marks)
4. An indication of the individual key conclusions and findings related to the theoretical positions and the practical issues related to the topic set. (400 words;15 marks)
5. The key critical observations and commentary identified by the individual student within the module topic-subject set. (15 marks)
6. Identification of the key topic/subject issues/conclusions which the student has learned as a result of undertaking the assignment on the topic set. (15 marks)
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