Recent Question/Assignment

Using the 10 k Report and(Or) Yahoo finance for Walmart Company for (2015)
• Risk-Free Rate
• Return Of the market
• Beta ß
• Market Risk Premium
2. Growth Rate
• Net income
• Dividend
• Total equity
• Retention ratio
• Return on equity
3. Required rate of return on stock utilizing the discounted cash-flow approach(DCF)
• Price per share
4. WACC Calculations:
• long-term debt
• the total equity
• the cost of debt
• the tax rate
• is there any preferred equity?
• what is the WACC utilizing the CAPM rs and then utilizing the DCF rs? Note that two WACCs need to be calculated.
? Show all your calculations on Excel (include all the formulas).
? Don’t copy the numbers from random website (Please!!).