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BSBITU401: Design and develop complex text documents
BSBWRT401: Write complex documents

a) Explain safe work practices that should be adopted when creating documents.
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b) Describe 5 things you can do to conserve resources in the workplace.
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2. List the different purposes workplace documents may have.
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3. What audience characteristics need to be considered when writing a document?
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4. List the things you need to consider when writing documents to ensure they meet legislative and organisational requirements.
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5. List the various software functions you use and explain their purpose.
Function Use

Read the following scenario and create an email in response to your colleague addressing all of her questions.
You have received the following email from your colleague, who is new to the organisation:
From: William Warburton
Sent: Wednesday, 1 August 8:56 AM
To: Valued colleague
Subject: Help me!!
Dear Valued colleague,
I’m terribly sorry to bother you with my shortcomings. I really need your help! As I am new to the organisation I have no idea on the protocol with devising organisational documents.
Please could you let me know the following:
• Once I’ve drafted a document if I notice there are gaps in the information who can I ask for additional material?
• Who do I need to send the final draft to for approval?
• What are the organisational requirements with regards to:
? Color scheme?
? Company logo?
? House styles?
? Templates?
• Where can I find manuals to help me with the document design?
• How should I name and store the document once I’ve finished it?
Thank you in anticipation of your response.
Kind Regards
William Warburton
Administration Assistant

The Organisation
T: (03) 9999 9999
M: 046 666 666
(PO Box 555)
Melbourne VIC 3000
Charity Sausage Sizzle
This project is designed to take the underpinning knowledge you have gained throughout this unit and apply it to industry. If you are currently in the workforce you should apply this to your organisation.
If you are unable to apply this to a current organisation you may simulate the evidence required.
Read the following project outline:
As part of the organisations social responsibility strategy management have decided to hold a fund-raising event in the community to raise funds for a local charity.
You have been given the task of organising the charity event. You have decided to hold a sausage sizzle at your local Bunnies hardware store.
From personal experience you know that on a good day over $1000 can be made from such a charity sausage sizzle.
Many organisations apply each year to Bunnies to conduct charity sausage sizzles and it is a requirement that a formal application be made to Bunnies, requesting a an opportunity to do so.
Where possible your application letter and associated documents should adhere to your organisational style guides . You need to create the following documents for the event:
a) Formal letter
Create a letter (using your organisations letter template) to the Hardware Store, asking for permission to hold the fund-raiser. You will need to include:
• Information relating to your organisation.
• Details about the charity.
• Preferred date for event.
b) Action plan
Create an action plan for the day using a table in Word or Excel. The action plan should include:
• Roster for the day.
• Who will bring the BBQ provisions and utensils etc.?
• Individual responsibilities throughout the day.

c) Standard operating procedures
Create a list of standard operating procedures for the event. This should include:
• Food safety procedures.
• Customer service process.
• Cash handling.
d) Flyer
Design a flyer for the day. Use graphics, colours and different styles to make your flyer stand out. The flyer should detail:
• Information about the organisation.
• The charity in which the organisation supports.
• Date, time and location of the event.
e) Newsletter
Create an article to be featured in the organisational newsletter including:
• Detail around the charity and fundraising event.
• A graph showing the funds collected during the event.
• A table showing pictures and information relating to the charity.
Important Note: You must include evidence that you have proof-read all documentation and made any necessary changes, prior to sending. This can be achieved by using the ‘track changes’ function within Word.

Portfolio of evidence
As part of your assessment you are required to provide a portfolio to your assessor to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. Below is a list of suggested evidence, if you’re unsure of your ability to provide the evidence outlined below please speak with your assessor.
Please attach and upload at least 5 examples of documents you have prepared. Ensure that you provide a variety of documents, demonstrating your abilities in different software packages. Only include documents that you have written and created, or have had significant involvement in the creation of. Please ensure that your supervisor or a 3rd party completes the authenticity declaration on the Third Party Assessment or add a declaration on each document (Example provided below).
Suggested evidence:
Document Document attached:
1 Organisational style guides Yes ? No ?
2 Workplace documentation produced by participant Yes ? No ?
3 Draft versions of documents showing review mark up Yes ? No ?
4 Office safety training attendance/certificate Yes ? No ?
5 IT training attendance/certificate Yes ? No ?
Describe the purpose of each document provided and how you apply and use this to your role within the organisation.
Document purpose
Declaration of authenticity:
I, ……Name of 3rd party……………, verify that …...Name of participant…. Has created/significantly participated in creating this document.
Signed:……………………………………………… Date:…………………..