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Dissertation with comments.
I am enclosing the points.
1. Word count should not be more than 10,000 excluding table of contents, references, appendix.
2. Objectives should be SMART- SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC, TIME BOUND. and How these objectives should be achieve and it should be real, no comments should be maintained.
The points which you have mentioned are wrong, someone would be like this and many more to be added.
a) To investigate existing use of facebook within project management.
b) To evaluate the use case scenarios of utilizing facebook within project organisation.
3. Research Aim - It should be specific and related to project management (something would be like- to identify fb can be effective communication tool in project organisation).
4. Abstract- a) It should be summarized like the aim of this research is to determine whether fb can be an effective tool in project organisation.
b) we can't use someone.
c) we have to use one of the popular features that fb has ....
d) Don't put true statements in abstract.
5. Introduction- a) Background of introduction should be change.
b) Significance should be change - last line- solving their various issues, we have to mention how to solve them.
6. Research question and objectives should be from literature review.
7. We have ti use the work or study instead of researcher thinks.
8. Literature review - It is to be rewrites according to project management field not all fields. Primary data should be included here.
9. Reference - It should be related to the topic that is fb as effective tool in project organisation not related to marketing. and add more and more reference . There are unnecessary references added which are not related to the topic. Use more references in each paragraph of each chapter.
10. Methodology - It should include the Bryman and saunders book methodology part and it has to be rewrites again, These two authore are to be cited and used in the refernces and in the methodology part.
Proper analysis is to be done.
Primary data is to be needed. nowhere is the primary data.
It includes - a) framework used by the organisation.
b) methods used by organisation in projects.
c) success and failure that people talked about fb in project management.
11. Results and analysis - This chapter is also have to be rewrite again and proper analysis is to be done. Primary data is to be needed. nowhere is the primary data.
Discussion chapter also to be rewrites.
12. Conclusion - Literature summary discussed here and what we have found in primary data.
13. Questionnaire to be made again, questions should be like they have not asked before, they are need to be asked.
14. Appendix - Data is to be added as answers.
15.The references which we are not using in the paragraphs and added in references that need to be added in the bibliography.
16. Survey - create a tool for organisation such as agile or something like online tracking.
Overall, we have to use fb as a communication tool relates to project management not marketing or any businesses.
Papers to be read and used are FB in Project management.
Examples - a) how fb can be used in project management ( Progress reports to be used, highlights that reports)
b) issues in project management ( confidentiality issues, security, accessibility issues)
c) create own ideas of using fb and issues.
d) Questionnaire- It sholud be related to literature review.
17. Hypothesis is to be added like in the given attachment paper is added.
Atlast, I am attaching one of the paper related to the topic (Opportunities and threats). Please have a look into it and make the dissertation accordingly.

There are 2 files including Word Document and an Excel Document

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 12977 words including Diagrams, Graphs and References

Editable Microsoft Excel Workbook
Worksheet Count: 1 worksheet

Topic is Facebook as an effective communication tool in project organisations

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