Recent Question/Assignment

This is research questions for a diploma mass comm students.
Topic: Effects of social media ( Instagram ) caused cyber bullying to teenagers which leads to depression.
Assignment or Thesis: Research
Due Date:19/6
Word Count: 5-6 pages
1. Each student is required to independently produce a research paper focusing on a topic related to the area of mass communication.
2. The paper must be written in academic writing style. Hence, ALL third-party information or sources must be referenced accordingly, i.e., there must be in-text citations and a complete reference list, done in ONLY using 6,h Edition APA Referencing Style.
3. The final research paper MUST consists of the SIX following components:
i. Abstract
ii. Introduction
iii. Literature Review
iv. Method
v. Results and Discussion
vi. Conclusion
4. Do note that student who failed to complete the listed SIX components is considered INCOMPLETE and will be graded as FAIL.
5. Each lecture and class are important as the lecturer will guide the students step-by-step on conducting their own research.
6. Before embarking on the research, students MUST discuss and get the approval from the lecturer respectively on the proposed research topic including research objectives, research questions, research hypotheses and problem statement.
7. 2 hours of consultation slots will be designated to the students during every class.
8. Supporting documents such as interview transcripts and samples of pre/post-test survey questionnaires must be included in the appendices.
9. PLAGIARISM is not allowed in academic writing. Hence, Third-party sources must be paraphrased and cited accordingly.
10. Your proposal and research paper must be submitted to Safe Assign via BlackBoard for a plagiarism check (rate should NOT be more than 30%) before submitting the hard copy.
11. The hardcopies of the students’ work must be printed in A4 size; comb-bound.
12. The assignment should be word processed on /4 sized paper (single side only) and Font Size: 12, Times New Roman, double spacing and justified for all pages.
13. If deadline is not met, marks will be deducted automatically by 20% out of the total marks acquired upon late submissions. Any submissions after the agreed upon date (3 days after) will not be entertained and will be awarded a zero for no submission.
Weightage 100%
Individual Research Proposal 10%
1) The proposal paper MUST contain:
i. Front Cover
ii. Declaration Page
iii. Table of contents
iv. Content (3 chapters)
v. References
vi. Appendices
vii. SafeAssign Report
viii. Marking Rubric