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Assignment 1: Short Answer
In Depth
LGCC Legislation & Governance
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The following short answer questions relate to material covered during the training course
Question 1
List two current reform initiatives influencing the processes and governance of planning in Australia.
Question 2
Briefly describe some possible impacts of these initiatives on current planning practice.
Question 3
Strategic and Development Planning. List three differences and also three linkages between these types of planning
Question 4
Performance vs Prescriptive DA. Briefly describe the characteristics of each and their relative strengths and limitations
Question 5
Briefly describe what is meant by the term the “Rule of Law”
Question 6.
List three principles of good regulation and briefly describe how these affect planning practice.
Question 7
Identify two legal/technical (as opposed to political/social/other) hurdles to creating a single national planning system and briefly describe how these difficulties could be overcome.
Question 8
Select two State or Territory planning systems and briefly describe some of the key outcomes sought from recent/current reform initiatives.
Question 9
Identify the key constitutional difference between local government and the two other tiers of Government (State/Territory and Federal) and briefly describe how this is being addressed.
Question 10
List the different types of planning appeal and review bodies in place around Australia
Essay Questions:
Write approximately 1000 -1500 words on Question A
Question B.
Question A:
Consider the following two different planning system and governance models:
A system that places the overall responsibility for deciding policies and applications in the hands of the elected representatives of the relevant Governments (State/Territory and local)with an independent court or tribunal based application appeal body;
A system that places the overall responsibility for deciding policies and applications in the hands of a technically based commission supported by local independent panels to assess and decide applications, and an independent technically based tribunal to review both policy and application decisions.
Compare and contrast the models from the perspectives of the following:
a) Developers
b) The community
c) Planning practitioners
Question B:
Describe the key technical and practical issues involved in creating a single national planningsystem for Australia and discuss the relative merits or otherwise of pursuing such a goal in thecurrent constitutional and political environment.