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Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the assignment submission dates.
• Ensure that your first name, surname, student number, the course code number and total number of pages appear on the front cover of your assignment.
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• Start this assignment as soon as possible. It will help you focus on important parts of the subject content early in your studies.
Assignment format
Programme assignment submission guidelines Assignment length – maximum words Assignment length –
maximum pages Minimum references
required in bibliography Maximum
similarity index permitted
Master’s 5,000 17-20 15 15%
Postgraduate diploma 4,000 14-17 10 15%
Third year 2,500 12-15 7 20%
Second year 2,500 12-15 5 20%
First year and higher certificate 2,000 10-13 3 20%
• Use Arial 11pt, 1,15 spacing.
• Write your responses in ESSAY AND PARAGRAPH FORMAT. Avoid bullet-type responses.
• Appendices may be a maximum of three pages each, with the information in them relevant to the assignment and summarised. Provide relevant links referenced in your appendices so that your assessor can evaluate them.
• Respect the introduction, body and conclusion format for answering questions – this counts for marks.
Introduction and conclusion Up to 5% for clear statement of purpose, clear outline of aspects covered in assignment, summarising key issues in the assignment; relevance of summary to assignment
Referencing No in-text referencing or
reference list
= 0% Minimal referencing
evident = 1-4% Referencing evident but inconsistent, incomplete, and fewer than
= 5% Depending on application of referencing
techniques in text, in reference list, and variety and number of references consulted – substantially
exceeding the minimum
required = 6%-9% Perfect in-text referencing, reference list, variety and number of references consulted and substantially exceeding the minimum number of references
required = 10%
Body The marks awarded for the questions you answer or tasks you perform will be calculated out of 100. These will be recalculated to count for 85% of the total assignment mark.
More details on mark allocation can be found in the assignment submission guidelines at
• Plagiarism is a serious offence. Do not copy directly from any text unless absolutely necessary. Enclose quotes in inverted commas to indicate that they are not your words, and include an intext reference with each quote. Paraphrase all the reference comments that you use and include appropriate reference and page numbers.
• Use the in-text referencing method prescribed by Regenesys under guidelines and policies on the student portal. Consult the referencing mark allocation guide for the minimum number of references needed for this assignment.
• Full referencing of all sources, including page numbers in in-text referencing, is essential. For example: (Gitman, 2010:15) in text, and then in your reference list:
Gitman, L.J. 2010, Principles of Managerial Finance, Cape Town: Pearson Education.
• Extensive and credible academic references are required to demonstrate that you have researched the topics fully and so that you can substantiate your arguments critically.
NOTE: At postgraduate level, you are expected to substantiate your answers with evidence from independent research.
You may work on this assignment in a group BUT you must write the assignment individually, and in your own words. If NOT, you will be told you have copied and you will have to do a brand new assignment. The mark will be capped at 60%, and you will have to pay a resubmission fee.
• This assignment consists of FOUR questions and all are compulsory.
• Answer each question according to their mark allocation.

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QUESTION 1: Marketing strategy and target market [50 MARKS]
For Singapore Airlines (SIA), a unique event arose out of Covid-19. For two days (24th and 25th of October 2020), the airline launched a dining service on board a parked Airbus 380 named “A380@Changi”. Diners at restaurant A380@Changi were offered Singapore Airline’s international cuisine options or a selection of Peranakan-inspired meals from renowned Singaporean chef, Shermay Lee.
There were limited slots for a pre-dinner tour of the aircraft, which included tours of the cabins and the cockpit. All diners were given discounts for Singapore Airlines’ online retail store, KrisShop, and a limited-edition goodie bag. If diners arrived in traditional heritage attire, they received an additional “mystery gift”. Diners could even watch a movie via the in-flight entertainment service while they enjoyed dinner.
However, Singapore Airlines’ offerings were met with mixed feelings by consumers. In light of the high prices of the new onboard restaurant and the airline’s upscale home-delivered meal options that cost upwards of S$498 (R5,339). The experience was criticised online as being elitist and disconnected from the actualities of Covid-19, in which unemployment and income loss has become common. Regardless, Singapore Airlines’ strategy seems to have been successful, as all of its available 900 seats for restaurant A380@Changi were sold out within 30 minutes after bookings opened on Monday, October 12th 2020.
(The National News, 2020; CAN Lifestyle, 2020; Yaha, 2020).
1.1 Singapore Airlines’ marketing drive aimed to keep its image as a premium airline alive (30) in the minds of consumers, especially since there were no opportunities for flying during the Covid-19 restrictions. Apply these four purposeful questions in relation to Singapore Airlines’ marketing strategy for their restaurant A380@Changi:
a. Where are we now? (6)
b. Where do we want to be? (6)
c. How do we get there? (6)
d. How can we ensure arrival? (6)
You will need to do additional research in order to answer this question. (6) Examples of research points:
• Singapore Airlines – the company’s vision, mission, goals, and internal environment.
• Strategies at Singapore Airlines – what are the strategies used? Are these successful?
1.2 Members of a target market share common needs and characteristics. Apply four (20) conventional target market characteristics to the market Singapore Airlines has targeted for their restaurant, A380@Changi.
QUESTION 2: Buying process [20 MARKS]
Reflecting on what motivated Singapore Airlines’ consumers to purchase tickets for their offering of an on board restaurant, discuss their purchasing process.
QUESTION 3: Marketing mix [20 MARKS]
You are the marketing manager of a new budget airline company. Your airline targets young adults who like to travel but are restricted by Covid-19. Develop a marketing mix for your airline to effectively capture your target market.
QUESTION 4: Marketing media [10 MARKS]
Your new airline company develops its advertising program. Which media do you recommend and why?
Total Marks: 100