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Activity 1.4
Imagine you are working as a supervisor at a medical office. Sophie, a medical office worker, approaches you. She seems nervous. She says, “I know it’s not my place, I know I’m only a medical office worker, but I’m worried about the patient files.”
1. Develop a list of three appropriate (3) statements and three (3) questions that could be used to reassure Sophie and encourage her to elaborate on her concerns.
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Acts, legislation, policies, standards, handbooks, codes of conduct
Activity 1.4 Cont.
After discussion Sophie reveals that some of the patient files are missing. She says that she thinks that the general practitioners leave them on their desks at the end of the day. She is worried that the files will become lost, and that patient information is accessible to unauthorised personnel.
2. What information from the Office of the Victorian Commissioner and the RACGP could assist employees with best practice?
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